Back To Basic Tips for Healthy Eating

Have your clothes been feeling a bit snug lately? As we age, the metabolism slows and pounds can appear without changing eating or exercise habits. In order to arrest that creeping waistline and send it back to its preferred size, healthy eating and exercise habits are a must. With the constant barrage of eating and diet advice blaring from nearly every major media outlet, it’s easy to turn off the noise and head for the drive through. It’s understandable over whelming and is becoming increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction. The key is to get back to basics. Not the complicated, over-priced, shop all over town for special ingredients, back to basics, but just return to the healthy habits your grandmother tried to pass on. Follow these simple recommendations from the nutrition experts to jump start your path to healthy eating.

The two biggest moves that you can make that will have the greatest impact on your diet are the elimination of fast food meals and sugary sodas. Our metabolisms were not designed to process copious amounts of added sugars and sodium. Bloating, high blood pressure, onset diabetes, weight gain and a host of other ailments are the side effects of excess sugar and sodium. You don’t need to be an executive chef or have and endless budget and extra hours in your day to prepare simple, delicious and healthy meals. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the fun new kitchen items available from Lakeside Collection. Cooking should be fun and eating should be enjoyable.

Start your path to healthy eating by setting aside a few hours over the weekend to plan and shop for meals and healthy snacks for the week. You don’t need to get overly complicated. There are an infinite number of website that taut easy to prepare, simple and healthy recipes where no special ingredients are needed. Plan to shop for fresh vegetables, lean meats and proteins. Grab some fresh sliced fruit and raw nuts for snacks. Pay attention to portion sizes. Quantity is just as important as quality. Vegetable and salad portions should be roughly the size of your open palm and protein sizes should be approximately the size of your fist. Recruit your family members to give their input and assistance as you develop healthy eating habits. Everyone can use a sous chef!